Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Fit Club

Well, mum says she isn't doing too well at the losing 10%. She did the shopping this morning though and got lots of fruits and veg, and is trying to keep the walking up while the weather is nice.
She is trying to also limit how much I have, with smaller portions although being on shift this week she feels she has to leave some for me in my bowl while she is gone over 8 hours. She thinks I am not looking quite as svelte as I was when I came back from fat camp over four weeks ago.
Best of luck for the week ahead - keep up the good work!!


  1. Good luck to both of you with your weight loss.

  2. I figured that with moving and all, it might throw your plans a little out of whack. I'm sure you both will be back on track soon!

  3. You will make it, maybe not as quick as you wanted, but you will get there

  4. Why do the humans make US suffer when THEY want to lose weight? I think you look BOOTIFUL just as you are my dear.

  5. We think you are both doing a great job with the weight loss, Poppy. Keep your chin up, and keep at it. :)

    Maybe your mum could look into a timed pet feeder, so that you have food throughout the day, but not all at once? We have one for Sammy, and our Angel Maggie had one, too. It really helped them with portion control, and with shedding some weight.

    Have a nice weekend!