Monday, August 8, 2011

World Cat Day

 Mum says that every day is Cat Day - but today the world is celebrating with us!
I'm putting my paw up - for all cats.  Thanks for making every day fun by sharing your adventures with us.  For sharing your good and bad times,  we love them all.  Smooches to you all.


  1. Happy World Cat Day beautiful Poppy!

  2. Smooches to you and your Mum, too, sweet Poppy. Happy World Cat Day. :)

  3. Your mum is right, every day really is cat day. But it's nice to pick a day to really celebrate!

    Happy World Cat Day, Poppy!

  4. Happy World Cat Day!!

    we hope to be up to speed commenting by next week...secretaries...sheesh.

  5. We have been spotty commenting today so we are going to try to zip around this evening and tell our friends we hope they had a great World Cat Day and may it be a fab World Cat Year!

  6. Aww, we luf that you share your life with us, too! Happy WCD, pretty Poppy! xoxo