Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello Summer

Hello Summer - so nice to see you.  Me and my mum are glad you are back, we sure are ready for your sunshiney goodness.  Today mum went off to a nice craft market with the besties, where she got a couple of small treats.  Then off to a show, then dinner at home and time and still a bit of evening light to pop into the garden.

It starts our week off well and who can believe only 24 days until Christmas.


  1. Looks as though your really enjoying the first of the summer Poppy!x
    Enjoy a BIG stretchy..stretchy in the sunshine....Ah!x

  2. It's about time summer came around for you, Poppy! It certainly took its time, didn't it?

  3. You're looking pretty summery Poppy. Your garden also looks very cheery with the green and the white flowers

  4. Oh, Miss Pops, your photo today looks like perfectly lazy summer indulgence. Well done you!

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  6. That's an adorable pic with you and Mum's shoe!

    Have a great day. XOXO

  7. Now that's bliss, Poppy!

    Our human says she's in denial about Christmas in 3.5 weeks....

  8. Oh that's great !
    Here we suppose to have Summer too but the weather here is just so wicked. Someday is hot and someday feel like winter ! So crazy ! I don't know I should shred my fur or keep them for warm. Sooooo confused here..MOL
    By the way, miss you miss Poppy !
    Enjoy your beautiful summer : )

  9. That is a lovely photo Poppy, we envy you the green grass to roll around in!

    Mom is having a bit of a conniption fit over Christmas coming so soon. Serves her right for going away for a week, MOL.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  10. I have green grass and daisies to roll around in too Poppy. The big difference is it's cold and dull here. Enjoy summer.

  11. We wish and mum too that it was summer here. We are not looking forward to days of cold and white.

    We know, only a short time until Christmouse gets here!

  12. My mum went to a craft show too, today. The only things she bought were a couple of treat toys for me. I am happy the sun came out for you. Meow, jessica