Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Smiles

Lots of things made the mumster smile today:

  • A day out in the sun to pull some weeds out.  I follow her around the garden and inspect what she is doing, just in case she pulls out anything important.
  • A sleep in could be had, which was good cos mum had to go to work at early o'clock this morning.  She was coming home at 4am and noticed the birds were singing their morning songs real early.
  • The yummiest dinner of the week.  Steak, tasty taties and lots of greens. 
  • A working phone meant she could catch up with Gdad.  He is enjoying the big screen tv the family got him for his birthday.   Now he can see the text on the programming a bit better.
  • Gdad drives down to the park every day to eat his lunch.  He has been feeding the duck some bread and bits and bobs every day.  Today he realised that he forgot to bring something, so when he went to the shop he bought chockie biscuits.  So yes, he will be responsible for the obese one legged duck at the park.  It made mum laugh when she heard that story.
  • Gdad has also been enjoying his computer soooo much.  He only got his computer this year, and now he spends hours on  it each day.  He told mum he has been exploring cities on Google Earth.  He has walked around Paris and London, and toured the canals of Venice.  Now he is looking forward to travelling around Rome.  You go Gdad - all from your kitchen chair!!
  • Fresh sheets are on the bed and mum has a good book to read.  She is reading The Paris Architect and enjoying it.  She has a great supply of books to get her through Christmas.  So many great books out there.
Hope you all have some things to make you smile this Sunday!!!


  1. Seven out of seven....Sounds a very good day all round Poppy!x
    It's blowing a howler over here, just got back from the supermarket, so that's me for to~day!

  2. The obese, one-legged duck cracked us up. :-)

    Your Gdad sounds like a pretty neat guy.

    We're NOT smiling over our snowstorm...!

  3. Go, Gdad! I tried so hard to get my parents interested in a computer years ago. My sister Lynda and I bought them one... which they never ever used. They ended up donating it to a nursing home. *sigh*

    Enjoy your day and your book!

  4. We always enjoy seeing you in your garden Poppy.

  5. Sounds like your Mum had a great day! And we love your garden Mum envies your deck.

  6. How wonderful to read how gdad is using his computer - He can now check in and read what Poppy Q has been up to too.
    Love Leanne

  7. Great Sunday Poppy with lots of reasons to smile. We lubs the picture of you in your garden. It makes us wish for spring!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. Best way to travel, no crowds no jet lag. Fresh sheets are the best. I washed mine yesterday too and I mentioned to hubby that if I w really rich I would have a maid to just put fresh sheets on my bed everyday! I know I'm a big dreamer lol. Enjoy your week

  9. Oh what a lovely day! Snow storm here I am afraid. We think your Gdad is very kind to feed the one-legged duck. Our Gdad is the one with the computer knowledge and mum needs his advice. So the aged advanced are tech advanced here. Meow and sun shines to you, Jessica

  10. That is a good way to travel and be able to sleep in your own bed.

    Mum has her stash of books too to last her through the end of the year.