Monday, December 30, 2013

Hot, Humid, Cloudy + Wet

It was one of those days here in the capital city.  It rained, the sun came out, clouds came over, a bit more rain, cool then hot and now humid as me and mum put our tootsies up to watch the tele.  Mum and I slept in, then she did some gardening and then went for a walk into town to meet a bestie.  They had average pizza from a proper pizzeria for dinner  and then went and saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which was sweet and life affirming, and mum didn't find old Ben Stiller as annoying as she normally does.

She stopped off at the supermarket to stock up on fruit and veg for the coming days as well as a supply of cat biscuits for me.  It was 9pm as she strolled up the street to our little house, the neighbours were in the garden weeding at that late hour.  So after feeding me my feast, mum is now going to serve up some yoghurt and fresh strawberries and watch the news.

Hope you are all relaxing too!!


  1. It sounds like a pleasant day, even with the wet weather.

  2. It DOES sound like a good day. You and your Mum never let the rain get you down, do you?

  3. Wasn't it a crazy weather day - it really couldn't make up its mind.

    A friend had just recommended The Secret Life of Walter Mitty yesterday - I was put off due to Ben Stiller - but will give it a go.
    Love Leanne

  4. Hmmmm... When it rains here, as of late, the rain comes down all frozen.


  5. poppy q....happee all most 2014 two ewe N yur mum...tho frank lee we dunno why her dinna stock up on feast while her waz at de store....ther iz de new yeerz rool effective in 2014 that fancee feast moves ta de top oh de grocereez list....