Monday, December 9, 2013


Do you like my new apartment?  More of a studio I think - just room for one with a bit of indoor/outdoor flow.

Mum went and got some of her Christmas shopping done yesterday.  She was glad to be able to support some local artists and shop owners over the festive season.  She did get a bit frustrated as she had to buy a new home phone.  We have been having problems with our phone, and even though mum had bought a replacement two months ago, that doesn't seem to be working, and mum can't find the receipt.  So you think buying a new phone would be easy.  The shops mum went to all seemed to have some on display but none in stock, and not too keen to order one.  It was easier for mum to come home and order it online herself, which is what she did.  Mum was surprised though, as so many retailers are complaining about  lost income, you think they would be more onto it.

The last few presents were ordered online too, so only a couple of wee gifts to buy and mum is done.  Yippee!!  Mum did just realised that she has not organised something for me.  Silly mumster, she better get me something to have under the tree real fast.

Have a great Monday everybuddy!!


  1. Love the apartment,and like that you are going for the minimalistic theme for decorating it!!

  2. Other than my Secret Paws partner, my human has done NO shopping yet - what a laggard!

  3. Made me chuckle Poppy!x
    I think l've got an e-mail of a pussy-cat in a box in my pussy-cat folder...I'll send it on to you! :).

  4. My theory is that if you can't order it from Amazon you probably don't need it. :)

    Have a lovely day, lovely ladies!

  5. Your studio's pretty awesome, Poppy.

    And we're glad your mum got some of her shopping done, plus managed to find a new phone, even though it was on-line.

    Have a good week!

  6. Very smart, Poppy. Nice neutral colour , simple lines and easy to clean. We love it!
    Mum likes to support local merchants
    too. However, when you enter a
    shop and the shop assistant doesn't
    even bother to look up from their
    smart phone....well! We don't usually
    shop on line, but we may start!

  7. That's a GREAT apartment Miss Poppy, just add some toys and a snack and you're all set.
    Mum shops lots online because the people in the stores here aren't too nice OR helpful. It's kinda sad......

  8. Mumster should have purchased your gifts first!

  9. poppy Q...ewe got that rite...mite knot hurt ta even make yur list out N place it in a strategic :) werd !!! strategic place sew her doez knot miss it; N make copeez two...492 shuld werk :)

    hope santa brings ya everee thing yur wishin for !!!

  10. Poppy your mug is right, the retail shops are always complaining. Ut they do nothing to improve on customer service. I hope you get something nice can I have some ideas for bellas first Christmas.

  11. My mum does most of her shopping on line now. I hope she gets you something nice.

  12. The local shops lose out to online shopping if they don't keep things in stock.

    Our prezzie arrived today but mum says we can't have it until Christmouse.