Thursday, January 16, 2014

Busy Busy

We have been busy busy.  Mum is on the night shift - not her favourite shift she must say.  Last night was steady, but she made it through.  Luckily today was cooler so it was easier for her to get some sleep.  She got a couple of hours, then I came in to talk to her.  After about five minutes, she wasn't getting the message, and grunted and rolled over.

She has been busy selling stuff and packing other stuff.  She wishes she could take everything, but it isn't going to work, so all the books and craft stuff has gone.  Mum is looking forward to a couple of weeks, where we can settle down and take it easy, and just watch some tv and read a book.  She hasn't read a book since Christmas, as her brain is going 24/7.

Hope you all get a chance to relax, do some relaxing for us.


  1. Poppy!x Tell Mum, one step at a time..Take things in her stride, and don't rush about to much. That's how mistakes are made!
    I'll do a bit of relaxing for you both later this evening...
    God Bless!x

  2. I am so glad I went all Kindle. Lots of books taking up absolutley no room at all. It's lovely.

    Hope your work schedule and moving chores aren't too stressful.

    big hugs xoxo

  3. Moving is a stressful time, for both kitties and humans! I hope you like the new place, Poppy.

  4. Have you definitely got a new place now? Fingers and paws crossed for a smooth move.

    Paring down can be a good thing, though. How much stuff do humans really need?

    As long as they don't touch OUR stuff!

  5. Julie if there is stuff you can't bear to lose, but you can't fit in the new place,we have some space here and will store it for you. The trick will be getting it here - though there are couriers who would rather take small stuff than travel empty, so I'm sure it could be arranged.
    Your stuff would be safe and dry with us if you'd like?

  6. Moving is such a major ordeal! We know you two will be so glad when it is over :)

  7. We're purring for you and your Mum. Moving IS stressful. But make sure to have your Mum get some rest so she won't get worn out and sick!

  8. Oh Honey Mum says she knows how this task can be...we sure hope you don't over do it...It can be so awful during this time when you need your wits about you! Take good care...
    Miss Kitty Ino & Izzy

  9. poppy Q...we willna tell yur mum ewe look a bit ree laxed....may be her kneads sum feast....tell her ta try sum N if her doez knot like it her can give ewe de left overs ...we noe movin iz KNOT fun... we noe movin in de summer time iz KNOT fun...hope stuffs settles down for ewe both ~~~~ XXX

  10. I can do plenty of relaxing for you Poppy, but you need to try and find some time to make your mum relax with you.

  11. We have never moved so we don't know what you are going through. Mum says moving is a pain, even if you don't have to clear things out.