Sunday, January 19, 2014


So, as  you might remember, we have to move out of the lovely Chez Q into some new digs.  It has been a stressful couple of weeks, but mum found somewhere that we can live next week.  Prices have gone crazy in our city, and mum was not sure that she would find anywhere for us.  The place she has found is much smaller than where we are, so she has had to sell a few of our big items like her desk and bookcase which she both loved.  All of our books have been sold or given away, except for a couple of cookbooks.  Cupboards have been cleared and mum has tried to be ruthless.

The choices in finding a house was much harder than mum had thought.  She thought there would be more choices available, but in a limited time period there was not much to choose from.  Prices have gone crazy.  The good things about the house that mum has found is that she can still walk to work, it is close to the supermarket, it has a little back garden for me and already comes with a cat door.  There is also no traffic going directly past the house as it is up 30 steps between two roads, making it safer for me.

The things that mum is finding hard are that it is much smaller, and mum has had to rid herself of lots of stuff.  Storage is limited, so she will  have to be selective about what she takes and keeps.  The house is in the middle of a large student area, so mum imagines it will be noisier than what we are used to, and there will be more traffic noise.  She also worries that it is not as safe an area as where we live currently when she leaves work after late shifts.  The garden is pretty tiny and there is not many plants, as I love to curl up in the shade under some plants and sleep.

She knows though that we are lucky to find somewhere that we can stay together, she was worried that we would have to split up.  This move has forced mum to face some tricky issues about her budget and that she will now have to knuckle down and restrict her spending, and stick to the budget.  It has been a very confronting couple of weeks, and mums stress levels have been at the highest point.  She is trying to look at the positives and trying to consider this a new adventure for us.


  1. Oh! Poppy...Poppy!x
    Well, despite the problems facing you, it seems things 'are' coming together.
    It's not easy, moving, for anyone really, but, if needs must!
    Still! At least over the next few weeks, you can make the place your own.
    Bestest luck to you and Mum...Thinking of you...Take care now!
    AND...Don't stay in that box to long...You'll get carried away..! :>).

  2. It sounds like there are a lot of positives to the new location, even though it is smaller. Rents are terrible in a lot of places - I know they are here. Paws crossed that everything works out well in the end!

  3. dearest Julie and Poppy! We hold you ever so close during this stressful time of having to make a move. I can not imagine how hard it must be for you both right now...I believe that when God closes a lovely window...he opens a door for you that is sometimes hard to walk through...but as you already said and adventure will await. We all have too many beautiful things that we do not want to part with and that makes it so hard to pare down. Looking forward is the only way to go, so embrace the changes to come and we pray real hard that all will be better than expected in your new cottage...
    sending love...Karla, Hope and Hunny Bunny

  4. There will be whole new world open for you Poppy. We are sorry you have to leave your nice garden but being together with mom is worth everything. Paws crossed that everything turns out good with the move.

  5. Poppy, can your mum think of this as temporary? Perhaps she can keep her eye out for a better home in her area, unless she has to sign a yearly lease.

    We're sorry she's had to give up favourite items. Our human has been there too, having had to unload a lot of things, good furniture included, when she had to move into a tiny bachelor apartment years ago. She hasn't had quite the same attachment to "stuff" since then.

    We have our paws crossed for you both that this will be better than anticipated--it's so important, we think, for one's home to be a haven from the craziness the humans experience on a daily basis.


  6. So sad to read you're leaving your home, but be pawsitive!

    You are still together and the rest is only stuff. In the past I've had to sell my beloved camera and lenses, books I've cherished etc and been left with nothing. But I had my cats, food in the fridge, a warm bed and a roof over my head. And believe you me once you've decluttered whether by necessity or choice, you start to see the beauty of a single vase of flowers sitting on an uncluttered surface and the benefit of being able to clean your house in a micro moment!

    Chin up girls,

    Much love
    Linda and puddies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. I don't envy you. It's not long for me. I've been trying to do my due dilligence to prepare for my retirement years. (I won't change anything immedieately, not as long as both of my parents are still with me.) I've been checking cost of living, wifi, airports, hospitals, climate... so much to consider.
    The one advantage I have is that my business is completely mobile, so long as I have internet... which also makes it so hard to narrow down to one area! Oy.

    SO happy you'll still be able to walk to work and the market and that you'll have a little green space. So important!

    big hugs xoxo

  8. Miss Poppy,

    I'm purring for you to settle in to your new home smoothly. My Mum keeps saying something about moving to the other side of the country and she's been checking on the internets for places to live. So I'm going to keep close watch of your blog and see how you do it because I get terribly upset at anything new. I suppose you have to be brave don't you?

  9. Oh, Poppy, as long as you and your mum are together, it will be home. Hoping you like the new house and that the garden meets with your approval.

  10. very pleased you two girls get to stick together!

  11. Poppy, we are sorry to hear that you have to move and your new place is smaller.
    It is good that you both are looking at this as an adventure.Things are not "carved in stone" and maybe you and your Mom will find another home
    more to your liking someday.
    For now, we wish you both all the best :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  12. WE are so glad that you and Mom can stay together! You can manage every thing else

  13. Split up? We are so thankful that you and mum will stay together. It is distressing to think that there are places where pets are not permitted. In our city landlords are not allowed to refuse pets. This is because pets are so important to a person's well being.
    Moving is far too stressful and we do hope that you and mum will settle well into your new home. Meow, Jessica

  14. RE: Eileen's comment: There are lots of apartments in our city that don't allow pets; I guess they're more progressive in her city. Wish ours was too.

    Sending you Light over this move. I so hope it works out better than you anticipate and that you're able to feel at home, once you're settled in. And feel safe.

    Please do keep your eyes open for something else, even if it's half a year down the road.

    It's difficult to give up our "stuff," but on the flip side, the less you have, the more options you have too, IMO.

    And you inspired me this morning--I filled a huge, upright vacuum box with books to give away. And then I went through all my files, have a ton of old tax returns, receipts, bills, etc. to have shredded, from the mid to late 90s into the early 2000s. (Think we have to save 7 years' tax returns, but nothing older than that.) I need to call one of the non-profit orgs that will pick up donations--my garage is filled with stuff. Don't know how I manage to accumulate it all, when I claim I'm not a collector. LOL.

  15. Maybe you and mum can move in at the new place but keep an eye open for somewhere else just in case. I'm sure you will be happy wherever your are as long as your together xx

  16. I am sorry you have to move to a smaller place Poppy, but the most important thing is that you can stay together.

  17. I'm sorry sweet Poppy. This is sad news. Moving is so hard, but i'm sure happy you and Mum can stay together. I hope your move goes as smoothly as possible. Hugs to you and your Mum.

  18. Oh my goodness, your poor Mum thinking she and you might have to part! That must have been agonizing to consider. The peeps downsized into a house 1/3 the size of their old one when they moved, and do you know, the only thing they really miss is their Weber kettle grill, which was on the patio. We are hoping that the new place will prove to be nice, and like everybody said, nothing is forever. Good luck with the actual move. xoxo

  19. Sending purrs to you on the move. Mum has owned houses for a while and not rented for ages, so has no idea what it would cost to rent something decent.

    Although your mum says lots of green papers with not having a metal monster but then you are limited on where you can get to by walking.

    Maybe you can keep your eyes open for another place.

  20. Good luck! Moving is never fun.

  21. We can't imagine you and your mum not being together! The thought is too awful! We hope your new area is safe. Students do come and go at
    all hours so that may prove helpful.
    But we worry about you dear.
    Mum's dad always told her not to get
    attached to things. Enjoy them,
    appreciate them but don't care for
    them so much you couldn't walk away
    and not look back. Only get attached
    to who can love you in return. His
    advise has served her well . Your
    mum loves you, Poppy. And that it is
    what matters most. God bless you,
    dear friends. We will pray all goes well.

  22. At least the two of you still have each other.

  23. I have missed a couple of posts and I am sorry I didn't realise that you were going through this. I am so glad you have found somewhere to be together and no matter how small it will be cosy and it will be home together xx