Sunday, January 26, 2014

Last Caturday at this Chez Q

Well, this has been the last Caturday at this Chez Q, and mum managed to post late.  Nice one mum.

So mum did a bit of gardening today, some packing and a bit of cleaning.  This time next week we should be in our new little house.  Mum is trying hard to see the positives, but she does feel close to tears if she thinks too hard about it.  This house has been a great place to live in, lots of space for us and a wonderful garden that I enjoy every day.

Today  was glorious and warm, although the forecast is for rain tomorrow, that will keep mum and I busy inside.

We hope you had a fabulous Caturday.


  1. Ah! Poppy! Poppy!x
    I'm sure all of us will shed a little tear to-day!
    Thinking of you and Mum, moving into a new home...Still, look on the bright side, all those new things to explore, all those new smells to remember! And, new friends...Who knows.
    Still, hopefully you'll keep us informed, of your goings on...HeHe!
    All, the gossip!
    God bless both of you in your new venture...!x

  2. We are glad to see you in the garden for the last Caturday in this house. We know how much you enjoy being here Poppy. But we know you're a kitty that is unfazed by many things and being together is worth all. We will see you in your new digs next week we hope.

  3. After my divorce in 1994 I lived in an adorable little 400sq ft cottage for about 13 years. When I bought my house here in Georgia I was excited for the new adventure ahead but every time I looked around my little cottage I would cry and cry. I still miss it and in many ways wish I'd never left it.

    I hope your new adventure is filled with much happiness for you and Miss Pops.

    big hugs xoxo

  4. I like Barb's comment...I've lived in a couple of bachelor apartments, very tiny, less than 400 sq feet, and while I prefer having more space, both places still were home, still were cosy because I made them so. Even this townhouse is only 1200 sq feet, including the unfinished basement. So about 400 sq feet per level, and badly designed at that. So I/we hope you'll be able to make this new place your home too...and I still think you can keep your eyes open for something better too.

    Lots of hugs and Light; good luck.

  5. As long as the two of you are together, you can survive anything.

  6. It has been a lovely home, because you made it so. This new place will be a stop-gap, give you time for a relaxed re-think. Of course, when you find something better, you will have to re-pack! :-(

  7. ((HUGS)) all the best for moving day and that you both settle in at the new pad quickly.

  8. Aw, this is kind of a sad Caturday, Poppy. I loved seeing you enjoy this house. I hope there are good things to come at the new place, and that you come to love it lots too.

  9. We know you are both sad to be leaving this nice place.
    However, you two are together and that is SO important. We wish you both well on your new adventure :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  10. Change is never easy. I hope the move goes well, and you find your new place feels like home soon.

    Take care!

  11. Hope you and mom will grow to love your new home and you do have one another thankfully.

  12. Oh Miss Poppy, Mum's all sad for you and your Mum but I know it will work out. You two can make the new place home in no time at all. Purrs to both of you!

  13. Big hugs to you and your mum.

  14. Oh Poppy, this is indeed sad thinking of you sitting in this garden for the last time. Leaving a special home causes lumps in our throats. I do hope, with time, your new home becomes just as special. I hope the landlord appreciates the love and care your mum put into this house! Meow, Jessica

  15. You will be leaving behind a sweet little place to live. You will take your memories with you.

    Purrs that the move goes well for you both.

  16. I hope the move goes well and you come to love your new home.

  17. Poppy, even though this Caturday is a little sad, we have our paws crossed that you and Mum will come to love your new home. It will be filled with love, that is for certain.

  18. We know it will be hard to leave your lovely home and garden but it would be harder to leave each other.
    Can you plant things in your new
    yard? We had a bare back yard at
    one place we lived. Lots of folks
    redesigning their gardens would love
    someone to take the plants rather
    than see them cut down. Word of
    mouth or a note left at the market
    does the trick. There is hope, even
    on a tight budget. (One gent brought
    us a tree sized palm in a gigantic
    decorative pot. (He were moving and
    the nobody else wanted it.)

  19. poppy all ways bee a bit sad ta mewve....purrhaps chez Q II will haza surprise in store for ewe when ya get ther tho !!! ....hope all goes smooth