Thursday, March 31, 2022


Last night as mum left work it was the foggiest she had ever seen in her city.  Hard to see buildings across the road.
When mum got up the hill where she lived, you could see the fog sitting over the city.  

 This morning was beautiful and blue skies, but if you look closely you can see a small bit of fog still sitting behind the houses.


  1. Eerie...We are dark and rainy here today and can here the and can here the wind in the trees...

  2. I love a foggy night. I’m surprised you don’t get more there, by the see, but I guess it depends on humidity and such. A city that I know well, Saint John, often had fog coming up the Bay of Fundy.

  3. poppy....while knot fun ta drivez in, we likez R fog we get....makez de out doorz kinda like a ... mizz tree storee !! :) ♥♥