Tuesday, February 7, 2023


Mum went to the local pet store this afternoon, and spied this huge cat tower city. And no we have no room for it in our small home, and mum doubts me having much enthusiasm to climb and jump anymore.   She was the only customer in the shop sland couldn't get closer to take the snap, eithout all the shop employees watching mum.  She felt bad about leaving without buying something so guess whi gets new tuna treats!!

Isn't the news about the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria terrible?   Mum luckily spent 3 weeks traveling through Turkey decades ago.   It was a beautiful place with friendly and humble people, and mum hopes that the earthquakes end soon, so that families can live safely again.



  1. That cat tower is fantastic for anyone with a large enough space! It would take up a good chunk of my living area. LOL. What fun kitties would have on that, though.

    Yes, my prayers are with all those impacted by the earthquake, another horrible tragedy. I hope for a few miracles there.

  2. We know the people in Turkey seem to be very good to their street cats too ! We send purrayers to everyone effected - and especially to the people of war-torn Syria !

  3. That would take up a lot of room. I'm glad she got the treats instead and yes, the earthquake is dreadful.

  4. That cat-tree is enough for several felines, not just one, Poppy. You'd feel lonesome up there alone. And without much news of earthquakes lately, I guess one was bound to strike sooner or later. Terrible.

  5. Wowzers, that is like the giant sequoia of cat trees, Poppy. Hooray for your new tuna treats!

    We are purring and praying for everyone impacted by that terrible earthquake.