Friday, February 3, 2023


 Mum made it to the cinema today to see The Lost King, the movie she missed last week as she got her times wrong .  She went early, and got some fries and a milkshake for her lunch.  When she got into the cinema she was the only one there, although was joined by another two solo viewers.  Mum was a bit tired after her night out, and nodded off during the movie, but didn't miss too much.

By the time mum left the movie theater,  the cloudy muggy day had cleared into sunshine.   Mum got some coleslaw and chicken for healthy wraps for dinner.  I was glad to see her, and tolerated a fur brushing before my dinner.  


  1. It's too bad the movie didn't draw in a few more people. What a very pleasant cinema to see a film in, though.

  2. Mum likes to go to the moovies and be one of just a few watching. No worries on sitting near people who talk or eat loud!