Saturday, March 18, 2023


 It was s beautiful Saturday morning snd mum met a bestie for brunch.  They had a lovely chat, but the food was terrible.  Mum had eggs on toast done Reuban style, which had super tough bread, and weird Pastrami whuch was rubbery.   Mum continued her walking and did a bit of shopping  while enjoying the busy afternoon in town.  

Home by the afternoon mum was glad to come home and relax with me.  She's tired tonight, which is awesome with sleeo returning to a normal routine sooner than normal. 


  1. Yes, it looks like a beautiful late summer's day indeed, Poppy. I'm sorry it was marred a little by the terrible meal your mum had. That'll be a restaurant to avoid in the future.

  2. A stunner of a day there .... just look at that gorgeous blue sky meeting the blue water 💙 So glad Mums sleep is returning to normal. xx

  3. Sorry to hear about the icky fod, but that sounds like it was otherwise a great day for Mum, Poppy!