Monday, March 27, 2023


Mum was up earlybird this morning, and in autumn here the 06.20am walk to work is now in darkness, but not yet chilly.  She managed to find 2x cheap winter jackets at the weekend, as it won't be long before the cold arrives. 

She got groceries on the way home and then us girls napped for an hour.  Dinner was made and then the evening was spent relaxing.   Time now for some strawberries and then mum will read before bed. 


  1. Mum is happy to be retired. No more getting up early, waking in the dark or driving home in the dark.

  2. Our mornings are lightening sooner, but it is still snowing here. Sigh. You look quite fierce in the picture, Poppy.

  3. What is Mum reading before bed? Sweet dreams to the two of you.