Monday, August 4, 2008

Purrs for Felix

My friend Felix from Whiskers and Purrs isn't very well. I am sending him lots of purrs and hopes he is home soon.

Poppy Q


  1. we'll say a prayer for felix.

    after watching "perfume..." it made me want to go read the book. I may have to do that...

  2. I am sending strong purrs for Felix, too!

  3. We've been worried about Felix. We're sending purrs and purrayers his way.

    Happy Monday, Poppy!

  4. We Ballicai are worried about Felix and we're purring very hard for him!

    Thank you for celebrating my Gotcha Day with me! Thanks to wonderful friends like you, it was my best Gotcha Day yet.

    Love and rumbly purrs from Brainball.

  5. Dearest Poppy Q,
    Thank you so much for caring about our sweet Felix. Unfortunately he is still very sick. The vet sent him home to see if he might start getting better quicker at home. He's on lotsa medicine and mommy hasta give him fluids. He is hiding from all of us...even his womens...'cause he feels so bad. We are all very sad. Please keep prayin' for him, 'kay? That's the only thing that will help him, we just know it.

    Thank you again, Poppy Q, for bein' such a good friend. We love you.

    Very truly yours,
    The Whiskers and Purrs Gang