Monday, September 29, 2008


Tonight I was minding my own business, trying to rest when my mum came after me with the flea comb. So I has jumped off the bed and runned outside in the rain.

Mum has been using Frontline plus every month, and washing all the linens and vacumning and still she finds fleas on me. Can anyone recommend an alternative flea treatment?



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  2. Oh noes... Hmmm, Revolution could help and you know, it could be from outside Poppy Q. You can have a look at this ( and this (
    Like when u go adventuring or even when u were snoopervising at ur backyard recently. Ur mommie may have to pull the weeds and wash the yard. Hope the above helps, Poppy and mommie!
    Hugs and Purrs,

  3. Hi Poppy!

    Fleas are the worst! Evie had them when we bought her home from the shelter, and it's been a real saga getting rid of them.

    Fui and Suey use Advocate spot on. Most of our fosters have fleas, but so far Fui and Suey have remained flea free. The two vets who we have both love it, because it guards against ear mites too.

    We also have about 2 inches of a chopped up flea collar in the vaccuum bag, to kill any that are sucked up. Apparently, flea powder also works.

    Good luck getting rid of the little gremlins!

    -Fui, Suey and Evie.

  4. Oh Noes! I hope that you get rid of those terrible things!

  5. I do not like fleas. I have never had them, but I can just tell they are bad.

  6. Oh no! Fleas are horrible. I don't know if your Mum should switch flea treatment for you and if so, what would be best. (I haven't had to deal with this in a long time.) But since they are persistent, she might have to treat the floor coverings indoors. Aunt Jenny has had to with her cat, Petey. She used borax on her carpets and, surprisingly, also had good luck with flea traps. If your Mum considers using borax, please have her research it thoroughly. Some believe it is not safe for pets or humans.

  7. what what what????? you got fleas? more than one?

    Frontline works on me, but towards the end when it starts wearing off (right before you can safely re-apply you might pick up fleas again.)

  8. Oh No! Fleas are nasty. We get Frontlined every month and mum never sees any fleas on us. You look like you have very dense furrs. Does all the Frontline get down to your skin because if too much gets on your furrs, it might not be enough to work properly.

  9. I've never had fleas. I don't think I would like them. I hope you're not too itchy.

  10. Fleas are a bummer, we use Advantix but every know and then we see fleas too. I don't know if they ever go away completely...

    Good Luck

  11. They might be inside your house and reattaching themselves. Frontline has always worked well on cats over here in America. Revolution is more expensive (here) because it does work on mites also. Your Mom might need to bomb the house to get rid of any fleas that are stuck inside. They can live for like 9 months or some such craziness just waiting to come out of hiding and leap onto a warm body.

    Luf, Us

  12. the fleas must be hard to get rid of. Maybe they are still hatching around the place. Your mummy probably still has to keep going with the treatments until they are all deadibones.

  13. Meow Poppy!
    Umm, well my furmily uses Revolution. Our stray cats use it too and it works really great! We would also suggest you get some diatomaceous earth to sprinkle all around your house, in the couch cushions, baseboard cracks and bedding. It works really great to control parasites and it is not toxic. Farms use it in their feed too! We Googled it and you can get some in New Zealand too. Fleas are pesky, so we are purring that you win this battle.
    purrs Luke