Thursday, September 18, 2008

Outdoor Tours

We have pulled lots of weeds out around the blue bucket...........

.......mum is not sure if she should cut back the roses. She has had to buy a gardening book from the internet. It's not here yet. When she gets it, she will let us know what they say.........

She has filled one whellie bin with weeds, and needs to ring to get another one for a month.

She has scratches on her arms from all the sticks and twigs.

Poppy Q


  1. Good work so far!! Spring clean up takes a lot of effort that's for sure!!

    Poppy, get your mom to check out this link.

    It helped the PM a lot when she had to prune our roses in May. They were totally out of control!!!

    Purrs Goldie and Shade

  2. There seems to be more work than we thot it would be for ur mommie, Poppy Q! Aren't u glad we kitties do not have thumbs, or else da beans will get us to join in the weeding and backyard stuff! :O
    Happy snoopervising and enjoy the sunshines cute furriend!
    Purrs and hugs,

  3. Our Grampy does all the gardening around here. He's always cutting or trimming or planting something. We do not know why he enjoys it because it never seems to be done.

  4. Very good work. Just tell your mom to be careful. My mom got poison sumac from trimming the hedges last year. Guess who is NOT doing it this year?


  5. Did she find any critters? Any mice or voles or shrews? That looks like a lot of fun..for you!

  6. Is your mom going to make a compost pile?

  7. Wow! What a wot of stuff you and your Mommie did!

  8. Hi sweetie! Thanks for stopping by to help Shaggy get well. All the purrs from his friends really helped.
    Hope your mum figures out her roses. Our mom grows mostly weeds.

  9. Wow! You and your Mum have been very busy cleaning up the backyard. Good job on the snoopervising, Poppy Q!

    PS: I agree with your Mum on the snails. Yuck.

  10. Poppy we can see from the pictures you are being such a good helper!

  11. Hi Sweet Poppy Q!
    Your momma has been so very busy! We just have one question...what is a whelllie bin?