Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hard Worker

My weekend jobs are done.  I have supervised the sheets going on the bed, so I am tuckered out now.  Mum made couscous with veges and chicken  for tea  on Friday, reheated the leftovers tonight for dinner, and is now cooking the leftover chicken for a stock.  So tomorrow before going to work, she will whip up another of her leek and potato soups to take for dinner.

It was a crisp morning, so mum put on her gloves and scarf and went for a walk along the beach. She had a little look at the shops and got some groceries before coming home to read her book and now watch David Attenborough, and is encouraged by his energy and enthuisiasm at twice mums age. 

We hope you have had a relaxing weekend, and had time with your friends and family.  Have a great week everybuddy.


  1. You were working *very* hard, Poppy, no wonder you need to rest up now.

    The mom says she loves watching David Attenborough's documentaries -- his passion for life is a real joy. There's a man who definitely has "followed his bliss!"

  2. Teddy feels it is his duty, since he arrived here, to help mum every time she puts new sheets on the bed. Mum is not so sure.

  3. Whew - you make me tired just watching you work so hard.

  4. That sounds like a great weekend, Poppy!

    Kit always helps mama put the sheets on the bed. He is so helpful! I don't know why mama doesn't appreciate his help.

  5. DA is certainly most impressive! The energy of a kitten!

    Your weekend sounds delightful, Poppy. Now for a great week!

    The Chans

  6. wow your mom know how to get a few meals from 1 chicken!!!
    the bed looks good enough to sleep in too!

  7. Poppy, "Sheets" is one of our favorite chores, too. Our Mommy says your Mum's cooking sounds quite tasty.

  8. I am glad you now have a time to rest. I was tired just looking at you.

  9. Changing sheets is hard work! but we enjoy helping, too!

  10. My human wants to come over to your house for dinner, Poppy! She thinks all that food your human is making sounds good!

  11. Miss Poppy, Is your sheet stretchable ? That's what we got for my human sis, And I love it ! So comfy to do da work...Nap : )

    Have a lovely day

  12. First time visiting you, thanks for letting us share your world! We're from Sweden and only blogs in Swedish, but we're happy to visit friends all over the world! Our lillie (our human) got all gaga when she saw your picture - she's had a beautiful Queen, looking just like you, but with green eyes, and she says you're just absolutely gorgeous! We agree!

    Enjoy your rest after all the hard work!
    nosetaps, headbumps and tons of goodies
    Maurice & Kajsa