Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weekend Eve

Tis the weekend eve here.  At four oclockish tomorrow afternoon mums weekend  will begin.  She has dreams of heading to the beach, but we think more wind, cloud and rain is in our future.  So maybe it will be movies and Thai noodles instead.  Either way, mum has a big stack of books and will get some nice noms at the supermarket tomorrow night (for her and for me).

We hope you all have something nice planned - big or small it is always nice to plan a little treat for your weekend.


  1. Whatever your mum ends up doing, we hope you both have a great weekend!

  2. THe beach looks lovely, but not in the wind and rain. We know you and Mom will have a great weekend together!

  3. OK if my Mom and I drop in?
    Sounds like a great weekend!