Friday, January 13, 2012


Our city is known as Windy Wellington, and it is sure blowing a gale today.  Mum says the washing will be staying inside, and the windows closed.

Mum is on-call this weekend, so is hoping for some time at home imbetween jobs.  She made sure she got some sleep last night, in advance.


  1. Many Hugs to you Miss Poppy
    I hope my hug can keep you warm : )

  2. It's been windy here, too! We've been nappin in front of the fire. Be sure you keep the Mum rested, pretty Poppy.

  3. I hope you are safely inside too so you do not get blown away.

  4. Hasn't the wind been horrendous-plus!

    Zebby Cat hasn't even tried to go outside today. About 9.00pm I had to pop outside to stop the roofing stuff at the neighbours blowing about - it kept waking up Zeb with its scary noises!

    Here's hoping the wind dies down soon, and that your dear Mum isn't called into work overnight,

    With care and huggles, Michelle/Mickle and Zebby - XXXX and puRRRRumbles

    (We are in Northland, Wgtn)