Thursday, June 14, 2012


I got asked yesterday if I wore a special collar to let me into the cat door.  Unfortunately no.  The reasons are that when I did wear a collar, I was losing one a week in the garden or around the house and I was constantly kicking it off.

 There are cat doors that only let your cat in when it is wearing a collar with a special magnet in it.  One of our friends had that kind, but cos her cat kept losing their collars, it was very expensive to use as the magnets were costly to buy.

We have heard that there are new cat doors that know your cats micro chip and only lets your own cat through, which sounds like a better option, although because they are new, they are very pricey to buy here.

In NZ we don't have any critters in the neighbourhood who sneak in.  Mum does think that a couple of local cats do try and sneak in and eat my left over jellimeats.

The cat door is super handy and gives me access to the garden whenever I like to come and go.


  1. You are lucky you don't have too many other critters around your home, Poppy - if we were indoor/outdoor and had a cat flap, there would be all SORTS of things coming into the house! Raccoons, possums, big rats, other cats and maybe the occasional small dog.

  2. We would have the same problem as Sparkle!

  3. You are lucky Poppy! We have too many rascally critters where we live too. Stay safe, sweet Poppy. xoxo

  4. I think it is very cool. Around here we would have raccoons maybe and other cats of course!

  5. We had occasional trespassers at the Yellow House, but not many.

    Now... what are jellimeats and are they very delicious?

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  6. We have another pussy-cat who sneaks in our cat door... but we know who she is ... and the boys don't mind so much...her name is Indie...
    We want to teach our Poppy how to use the cat door, but don't know HOW... any ideas??? :-)

  7. We have had critters come in through our flap!

  8. well, that is a new one and how brilliant... so personalised. Lovely post. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx