Saturday, June 30, 2012


Today was super chilly and we had a few bouts of rain, so we only had the back door open for a quick time.  Mum did some chores then had some mum time.

She went to town and met one of her besties.  They went for a walk along the waterfront to a craft market.  Mum bought some material to do some sewing with (she better dust off her sewing machine for that one).  She also bought some underwears, as it is not often she sees some half price bras that fit.

So the curtains are drawn, and the heaters are on.  We're settling in to a night at home.  Hope you all are having a nice weekend.


  1. Have a super cozy weekend, pretty Poppy! We are sending our "hots" to you through our minds!

  2. It sounds very cosy, Poppy! Our mom says hurrah for bras on sale. LOL.

    BTW, what does your mum want to make with the material?

  3. It looks like you at least got some nice outdoor time, Poppy.

  4. We're sending some our very hot, dry weather your way. Maybe when it gets there it will be just the right temperature for some outside fun. Sounds like your mum is enjoying her free time. Love to all.

  5. Poppy, the boys here say "nice 'tocks!"
    Mommy concurs with the bras.