Sunday, March 5, 2017


It was a nice day.  Us girls got a nice sleep.  A big pile of laundry was done, mum met a bestie and they ate fish tacos in the sun on the waterfront.   Mum wandered round town, then came home to keep me company.  A good old spag bol was made for her tea, and a feast was dished ou for me.  We both got a nap in the early evening as the sun still poured through our windows.   Life is good.


  1. All sounds lovely Poppy!x
    Rain, when l woke up this morning!
    It's nearly nine o'clock, and the sun
    has just come out, looks like a nice day,
    l'm off to the supermarket in a mo....!
    Then settle down for the footy later on.
    And, yes, as you say...'Life is Good'. :).

  2. That surely does sound like a great day for you and Mum, Poppy. Life is good, indeed!

  3. Lovely to have sunny days. New house sounds pretty good to us.

  4. Sounds like the purrfect day! Have a good week Poppy and mum.

  5. Sounds like a nice Sunday. Mum found a webcam in Queenstown, NZ. We watched the sun rise.

  6. We are glad you and Mom had a restful weekend

  7. I am glad you both had a nice weekend. I am very behind with visiting but am glad your move went well.