Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mums Break

 Mum got to go on another one of these things.
 She went here.  This is the sky tower in Auckland.
 Mum and her beasties stayed in a hotel which on one side overlooked the noisy motorway.  Out the other window was a love view of the harbour with Rangitoto in the background.
The girls went to see Adele.   It was her third Auckland concert and the last of her 15 month tour, although she has 4 more in London her home town.  Friends, it poured with rain, like non stop torrential rain the whole time.  She stood there in the rain and put on an amazing performance.   Everyone danced and sung their hearts out with her.

They did a bit if shopping and caught up with friends they haven't seen in ages.  Their was wine and food, so all that walking came in handy.

So now back to normal life for mum, and time to plan some new adventures.


  1. Ah! That all looks great Poppy!x
    So pleased Mum had a lovely time, and going
    on a plane..great fun, love planes!
    And you, poor Poppy! Finished up in prison,
    with four teeth missing! HeHe! Bless! Your

  2. I am glad your mum and her bestie "beasties" had a good time at the Adele concert even though it poured with rain. My mum always says that if you are doing something you really want to, and are in the company of those you want to be with, you can ignore the weather and still have a great time.

  3. What a great adventure for your mum, Poppy! Just make sure she makes it up to you (the abandonment). :-)

  4. An excellent time, it sounds like, Poppy. Your mum must like Adele; she saw her in Adelaide, too, right?

  5. We live to hear about your mum's trips - imagine seeing Adele twice! A holiday break with friends is the best holiday. We know you had your teeth proceedure but were treated well in the cat spa?

  6. What a nice adventure with furiends. Hang out and chill.

  7. Your mum is sure living the life! Good for her, she works so hard and it's nice for her to be able to get away with friends. What fun...for them, that is.