Friday, March 17, 2017

It's All About You

While mum had her holiday I went to the cattery at my vets.  They give mum a report card to say that I was quiet but enjoyed cuddles - Mum thinks that was funny as I don't often want cuddles.  I got to see the vet , as my tummy was a bit upset but settled down.

I am glad to be back home though, especially cos mum let me have these two shopping bags to sleep on.

We hope you are all having a fun St Patrick's Day.  Although mum is a 7th generation New Zealander a lot of her family originally came from Ireland, and she does love potatoes!!


  1. Oh, I have no doubt you are happy to be home, Poppy!

  2. Shopping bags! That was a bonus, Poppy.

    Yes, we can well imagine how happy you were to be home. We hope you're not having any more tummy issues now!

  3. Ah! Bless! Glad you enjoyed your stay at
    the cattery Poppy!x And cuddles as well!
    Hope your tummy is better now, probably
    just a touch of nerves! :).

    And..Happy St Patrick's Day to you and
    Mum...Potatoes...Yes! Nice, especially
    cut up an fried! :0).

  4. You were probably missing your mum at the cattery, so you wanted re-assurance. But now everything is all right again, especially with those shopping bags.

  5. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you both. Mum is not Irish at all. She had her DNA tested, no Irish.

  6. Happy Patrick’s Day!! We are glad you had a nice stay at the Cat Hotel!