Saturday, September 18, 2021


 Today has been chill.  Mum relaxed between the household chores.  Even though the spring sun was out it was still chilly and cooler inside our old house but warm in the sun.  Mum filled the washing line with washing.  She loves being sble to get it dried outside after 6 months of drying it in the living room.  

If she gets up early enough tomorrow she might head out for some fresh air.   She feels in need of some treats.


  1. We are glad that at least the sun was warm, Poppy. And that your mum can dry the wash outside now. We hope she has some nice treats tomorrow.

  2. Every day your part of the world warms and brightens. That must be nice to see after a long chilly winter.

  3. How lovely of a flower in the cool weather. Your mum is due for a treat or 2,
    as long as you get one too. Have to be fair about this, as you hold down the
    household while she is gone, it deserves a reward.