Friday, June 24, 2022


 Today is day off here in New Zealand,  a celebration of the Maori New Year and  the reappearance of a special star cluster.  It is the first year that it has been made into a public holiday, so we got a day off to relax.  Mum and i enjoyed another sleep in, and mum did exciting stuff like cleaning the microwave, doing dishes and some weeding.  

There were fireworks over the harbour tonight, but mum was too lazy to get jacket and scarf out for a 10 minute show.  For years i would get upset by big fireworks noises, but old age and probably deafness has meant I didn't even notice them tonight.


  1. Congratulations to the Maori people on their New Year celebration!

  2. An exciting holiday for Maori people. But I get the too cold to go out part.

  3. I'm glad you won't be upset at the fireworks, Poppy. That sort of thing can be pretty hard on a cat.