Sunday, June 19, 2022


 Mum went to the 5th supermarket today and found the final bag that they had.  She grabbed it so fast.  She also found 2 bags online.   So we are good for a while.  I've tried other treats but don't like them as much as temptations.  Now I'm a renal failure kitty mum is trying to keep my weight steady, so I'm allowed more treats than i used to be.

We're not sure if there is a real shortage or if the suppliers are about to raise prices.  Mum is glad we have enough to get through the next few weeks though.


  1. I am glad your mum could get your treats. I think you could be right about raising the prices. Several things have been in short supply here and when they come back they are always more expensive, and not just by a few pence!

  2. Hooray! We are glad Mum found those, Poppy!

  3. Good news for you Poppy. And mum doesn't have to keep going in and out of markets for a while.
    I was in our largest grocery today (not big, really) and saw plenty here. I would mail you some if
    you needed. I get Precious Greenies now and they had a few packs and on sale so I bought 2
    for her future needs.

  4. Buy as many packages as your mum finds, Poppy. I learned long ago to buy when the opportunity comes. Sometimes I even follow that advice myself.

  5. I'm so glad your human was able to score you your treats, Poppy!