Friday, June 3, 2022


 Mum is zonked out after finishing nightshift this morning.   She had 2.5 hours of sleep before showering and getting ready.  She then went into town, bought her new winter coat, walked to meet a bestie, visited the art show, got fish and chips for dinner, got some supplies at the supermarket and caught a bus home.  She ate a biscuit and some fruit while watching the Queen on the news.  Now her eyelids grow heavy and she is joining me on the mama bed.  Nite nite.


  1. No wonder your mum is tuckered out Poppy. Help her sleep all that going and doing away.

  2. Wow she is a busy lady! Give her lots of snuggles so she'll relax and have nice dreams.

  3. Treat her like a "queen", thinkin' she needs it about now!