Monday, June 13, 2022

Side Dish

 Mum woke up and the weather had settled a bit this morning,  so she did a supermarket run, getting lots of vegetables.  By the time she was checking out, the rain had started , but she didn't get too drenched making it home at 11am.  By 12.30pm by the time mum was having lunch there was rain, thunder, lightening and hail.  So mum curled up on the bed with me and her book.

After a long nap, mum made her dinner.  She roasted some lamb chops with kumara and carrots.  She cooked some purple cabbage and added broccoli, admiring the colors, and thought it would be perfect as a side dish on Halloween. 

The weather has calmed down here, although s lot of areas north of our city have been flooded. We're tucked up tight agsinst the hill and the weather often whips right past us.


  1. So glad yoyu did not flood and you and Mum could stay tucked up in bed. Her food sounds lovely.

  2. We have had lots of rain too. Our paddocks are very wet
    Luckily we haven’t flooded but further north they have. And it’s so sad to see
    Glad you got home before it got too bad. Stay nice and dry

  3. I am glad the worst of the weather missed you. The broccoli and cabbage look good. I had to google kumara and we call them sweet potatoes, so I know I like them too.

  4. We're glad you both were safe and dry, Poppy. We know kumara as sweet potatoes, too, and the biped loves them. Very healthy!

  5. Add some orinch carrots for Hollow-weenie colors.

  6. I was admiring the colours, too, even before I'd read that your mum liked them, Poppy. And as for drenching, that's what I got, riding my bicycle in the rain this morning. But I was able to come home to dry clothes at Cosy Apartment.