Saturday, June 3, 2023

Art Show

 Mum forgot the annual art show was on this weekend until she got an email at 8am.  She breakfasted and got herself down there for a quick wander and although she liked a couple, most were very pricey.   This cat was more magnificent than the photos show and was $5000.  

So she spent the afternoon at the cinema seeing the Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, which was a bit dull and slow, 2.5/5.  Then curly fries and a lemon lime and bitters, and a long slow bus trip home.

I was glad when mum returned and enjoyed my feast.  Now the heater is on  - its a chilly 8deg C here tonight! 


  1. I like that Angel cat but wouldn't be spending that much money!

  2. That's a wonderful bit of cat art, but it seems to be priced out of our budget.

  3. I like images of you more than the painting, Poppy, and the curly fries sound better than the movie...

  4. You are definitely prettier than the painting!