Monday, June 12, 2023

Morning Jobs

 While I rested mum got up and had a shower and ate her breakfast.  She got her two bags if donations, caught an uber and dropped them off at the cancer charity shop.   She got her favorite sushi, had a quick walk round town then caught a bus home.   I was still in the same spot.

Now lunch for mum, and a few more jobs before she heads to work.


  1. How nice that Mum got all her jobs done, Poppy. Amd you did a good job of snoozing! :)

  2. I sometimes dont move all day if Mrs H is out. At least that's what she thinks! I turn the video cameras off and have a party!
    Have a wonderful and happy day. And may your humans productivity flourish and bring home the kibble and bacon for you both.

  3. You and my Imogen are similar in not moving much once you get settled. I know you are of a certain age, Poppy; what's Imo's excuse?