Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Fit Club - How Your Trousers Doing?

It is time for Friday fit club - do you like the new poster we did? Mum did it instead of packing -she stayed up late and made it and is glad it is not a picture of her on it. She is sure I am looking slimmer already!
Mum says her trousers are too tight though, and after tomorrow, the movers will come and mum can get back on track. She has fallen off the salad wagon, but says from next week she will be back into it. She has bought some museli and yoghurt and will do better for breakfasts though. Small changes make all the difference, and it went on slowly, so slowly it has to come off.
Anyway, thanks we know some of our friends are on our Friday Fit Club team, we hope things are going well for you and you are coping with trying to make healthier choices.


  1. Our Mom says her jeans are a bit tight and we agree!

    Keep up the good work Poppy and Mom!

  2. It is hard to eat well and move at the same time. For both humans AND kitties!

  3. I have decided a week ago to join you and mommy. I am doing decently well.

  4. Our Mommy has been more active, specially on her days off. She also quit putting rum in her coffee every afternoon which is saving her calories. Although she sure does miss the rum buzz!

  5. WE keep meowing at Mo to get on teh wagon

  6. Poppy, I think you look purrfect just like you are.