Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Fit Club

Staying home alone was good for me, mum was sure that I looked slimmer when she got home. She left me lots of biscuits and water, but no temptations. Hiding out in the garden is good too, as it keeps me active, looking for the perfect shady spot to laze the day away.

This week mum did her first weigh in - and she weighs too much, she wants to see the scale go down. She doesn't believe in diets as such, but is trying to eat healthier. She has been making lots of salads like this one, and eating more!! More you say, well more vegetables and fruit to fill you up. She doesn't eat much processed stuff or takeaways anyway, and is trying to not eat as much pasta, rice or bread.
Packing boxes, chucking out stuff and moving things around is her main focus at the moment, and that is keeping mum moving, and giving me lots of boxes to sit in. Eat less and move more is the trick we think!
***My vet said I had to lose 10% of my body weight by April, so mum is joining me in an effort to be healthier. We're not about the crazy or obsessive fad or diets, we're just making little changes slowly.


  1. Poppy, everyone in this house needs to lose weight, except Annie. The mom has cut out most of our treats and cut back on all the stinky goodness she was feeding up...but she's less motivated about her own weight, unfortunately.

    Good luck to both you and your mum!

  2. We are trying to eat healthier over here too. Which means that the open buffet is closed. We don't know what Mom is thinking. Now we have to ask her for breakfast, brunch, lunch, mid day snack, dinner, dessert ... you get the idea. She sometimes says yes but mostly no. Can you believe that ...

    Ashton & The Purr Gang
    (a care package would be welcome if we can get it past Mom)

  3. My human thought that salad looked yummy! So did I - the tuna part of it, at least! I frustrate my human because I am one of those rare kitties who does not eat enough!

  4. "How long does getting thin take?"
    Winnie the Pooh

    I've been pretty good poppy & Julie, but oh my Christmas mince pies - DRAT - I might have to buy another packet so that no one knows I ate one pack... But then I'd need to buy another.... so no one knew I might of eaten that pack too... YUM!

    Love Leanne

  5. We are trying to eat healthier too--all except the Male which makes it hard around here...

  6. Mom and Dad want to loose some weight, too. We will see after the first of the year if they really do anything!

  7. Your Mom's salad looks yummy! Our Mom is trying to eat better and exercise more. It's fun to check in with you for your Friday fit club. Have a great weekend.

  8. That salad is good to me as well~!
    I hope everyone is healthy and eating very happily~!!!

  9. Alfie could do wiv dropping a few pounds ~ but he said it's FUN being FAT! MOL!

    Milo xx

  10. Mum and Dad are paying the price for their week of mega-indulgence in Queenstown. They are failing at Fit Club this week! Your mum's salad looks yummy.

  11. Good for your and your mum. That salad looks awesome. Yes, eating more fruits and veggies is a wonderful healthy idea. Things like beans of all kinds are full of protein and nutrients, and don't forget whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice.

  12. Good luck with the diets and the packing.

  13. Our mum really modified her eating plan a few years back and felt fit and healthy and her doctor agreed. She cut out sugar, anything with flour and her glass of wine. She did this for 3 years and didn't miss any of the foods she cut out. But now with her mum in her final months, our mum is on the junk food again. All of the Christmas goodies don't help one bit. No theydont@

  14. Mom says she has to lose a bit of weight too. The good thing though, is she thinks I am perfect.

    Enjoy the hots. We will be happy to send you as much snow as you need to cool you off!

  15. Hi Poppy Q and Mommy
    So so sorry for us late visit
    but we are blogging not so much ;)
    We try it to start again !!!!

    Many many thanks for your sweet words the last weeks , it means a lot to us to have real friends in blogging world .... THANKS :))

    Kareltje =^.^=

  16. Sorry
    I had the wrong account
    it was my family account !!