Thursday, November 29, 2012

Active Day

Not every day is an active one at Chez Q.  Today however, mum was up at 05:45 for an early start at work. That meant she got home early and was able to assist me in gardening duties.  The lawns were mowed and some weeds were pulled.  Then for her dinner mum cooked some lamb, with potatoes and green beans, and gave me my dish of fancy feast.

Mum then chased me round and pinned me down, for some defleaing action.  May we recommend Revolution - I only get grumpity for a half hour, then it is business back to normal.

While I reclined on her bed and digested my foods, mum whipped up some banana muffins to take to work, emptied the dishwasher and the drier and tried to do some tiding up before Downton Abbey starts.


  1. My human wishes her life was a little quieter and more organized - and full of tasty dishes - like your human's, Poppy!

  2. I've seen all of the Downton Abbey shows... LOBE the series! I'm just waiting for the Christmas special now!

    Have you read the Outlander series, Julie? I just ordered it for my Kindle and can't wait to get started on it this weekend!!

    Have a purrfect day, ladies!

  3. poppy Q...chezQ is way awesum....ewe shuld charge add mission for peepuls ta come inta yur garden N sits in yur chairs.....

    happee ta her ya getted sum fancee feast for dinner two, haz ewe had de opper tuna tee ta try de "appetizerz" yet...

    de skipjack flavor rocks !!!

  4. Busy day for mom and you too Poppy! We wishes we could get out into the sunroom (we're not allowed in the yard) but it's too cold here :-(

  5. I love Fancy Feast, too!

    The lady has been watching Downton Abbey via Netflix. She has a few episodes to watch tonight.