Saturday, November 17, 2012

Get Ready

Hahaha mum laughed when she got this funny photo of me.  Last night was mums last late night at work for the week, she is glad that it is over.  Mum does leave me a big bowl of biscuits, but I still want my feast when she comes home, whatever the hour is.

So after getting to bed at 2am, I was nice to her and let her sleep in til 10:30am, when I gotted her up by telling her that I wanted more morning biscuits.  Mum then went to the library, got bananas, cucumbers, kumara, turnip, cabbage and tomatoes at the market, as well as some fresh fish fillets.

Our day is rainy and coolish, so I have been napping while mum gets the washing done, and will bake a caramel slice to take to her friends place for dinner.

Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy.


  1. You look all poofed up! THat is a funny picture!

  2. That was nice of you, letting your human sleep in, Poppy. I'm afraid we weren't as nice here - my human went to bed after 3, and Binga and Boodie were asking her to get up by 9!

  3. You look super fluffy today! Enjoy Caturday.

  4. Hope she shared the fish fillets with you!
    Yea another sleep in on Sunday too I hope.
    Love Leanne

  5. Miss Pops, I am SO ready! And you are SO adorable!

    Have a lovely weekend, ladies!

  6. Kneading with my left paw
    Kneading with my right paw
    Got to wake her up
    WHEN WILL I BE FED??????
    It's Caturday!