Sunday, November 11, 2012


The bed is made, mums book is ready and we hate to say that the electric blanket is on warming up the bed as it is chilly here.  Already for a Sunday night snooze.  Mum always finds it a bit harder to sleep on Sunday night, knowing that she can't sleep in in the morning, so a bit of book reading and a bit of a snuggle and then we can settle down for the night.  Mum has tried to not have any naps this week, as it is easy for her to get into the habit of sleeping for an hour or two in the early evening, and get into bad sleep patterns.

Mum still has Chicken pie leftovers for the week, but made some more lemon rissotto for dinner tonight.  Fresh strawberries for a supper treat, she says she has to enjoy them as the season is short here.

Hope you all get a chance to snooze on your Sunday.


  1. You have the electric blanket on? Aren't you supposed to be having summer about now? You sound as chilly as we are!

  2. mmm... chicken pie. did you say something else?

    Have a lovely snuggle and snooze, ladies.

  3. We all had our electric beds on and fire too - it was cold here.
    The strawberries are huge in the shops, I try not to think what they use to make them soo big and we too have been enjoying them while the price is low.
    Love Leanne

  4. Mum rarely takes naps either. If she does she is either sick or really run down and tired.