Friday, November 2, 2012

Couch Curl Up

I don't normally sleep on this couch.  Last night mum had some visitors, so I runned outside and hid under the house.  When the visitors left, I came out and sniffed the couch and sat here, cos mums friend left his nice smells on the cushion.   When mum got home, I was curled up here, and I have gone back to bed here.  Mum is enjoying having my company, as she normally misses me as I am usually curled up in a bedroom, while she is in the lounge.


  1. Well, you do look rather comfy, Miss Pops! How is it that it has escaped your attention for so long?!

    Happy Friday, ladies!

  2. Well, you need a nice soft and cosy blanket on the couch, to tempt you to lie there more often!

  3. Well, of course you had to curl up there, Poppy - you needed to cover his smells with yours! You don't want anything to think it belongs to HIM!

  4. Is it because you like his scent that you cuddled on the
    couch or is it because you are trying to obliterate his scent by covering it with your own? Either way, you look adorable and very colour coordinated! XXX-OOO.