Sunday, December 30, 2012


Mum does have some access to old blog photos that she can upload.  She laughed when she saw these ones, as we can't remember when they were taken.

 They reminds her of last week at the vets.  The vets gave me the once over and said that he was sure I must have been in a cat fight and been scratched on my belly, as when he touched it I sucked it in and arched my back.  Classic signs he said.

 Mum said that she didn't think I had been scratched there, as I just wasn't used to strange men fondling my belly.  She would do the same thing if some doctor went to poke around her tummy too.  Mum had given me the once over and she was pretty sure the only thing hurty on me was my eye.

Anyways wish my mum luck.  She thinks she has to catch me tomorrow morning for cat check up.  She thinks she has a plan for capture.


  1. Paws crossed that the checkup goes well, Poppy... at least, if your human manages to catch you!

  2. Miss Poppy,
    Your pictures are so cute !!! Give me and my mom a huge smile : )
    As you know I always have a fight too...lots ! And some are at the same spot as you.
    Paws crossed for you Miss Poppy.

  3. Purrs and paws crossed, Poppy. We applaud your desire to evade capture, but think it's in your best interests, in the long run, to go back to the v-e-t.

  4. Hello sweetheart! Hope you had a lovely Caturday, your favorite day! Is your eye is feeling better?
    You know, Poppy, our beans are always going to catch us no matter how harder try to evade them when we need to go to the vet's. Maybe you can try a novel approach and hop into the carrier on your own. That would give everyone a start, wouldn't it.

  5. Those awe sweet photos. Lots of tummy to love!

  6. Mom says she wishes good luck to your Mum in catching you for the visit to the v e t.

    We've got paws crossed your eye is all better soon!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  7. Those pictures are so cute.. Good luck with the catching and the check up.. Hugs GJ xx

  8. Poppy your tummy is absolutely LUSCIOUS. Wow!!

    We hope you do well at the vet tomorrow--provided your Mum gets you there, that is.

  9. Stealth--get the carrier moved and the door open. Do not approach cat from the front. Grab cat unexpectedly from behind then head to carrier immediately :)

  10. Whenever those two pictures were taken, you look much more relaxed than you will be when your mum starts chasing you in the morning to take you to your checkup!