Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Mums lunch today was lunchiliscious - she had made some fresh carrot and corriander soup at the beginning of the week, and took it to work to eat for the rest of the week.  Some nice grainy bread, and an orange was all she needed to make her tummy full.  Dinner for her was some Thai green curry and rice, and for me - a fancy feast.

Mum is trying to make her own lunches every day for work, as eating at one of the two cafes are two expensive for her.  She finds that the easiest thing is to plan for a weeks lunches by having the same thing each day of the week.  So this week is soup, last week was bagels, pate and capsicum.  Her soup used $3 worth of ingredients and another $3 for the bread, so it feels kind of thrifty.


  1. I had to google 'carrot and coriander soup' for a recipe... and I had no idea what capsicum was... a bell pepper! How fun!

    I'd like to make the soup, Julie. What's your recipe? Please? Pretty please?

    Have a lovely day ladies!

  2. Is that $3 per serving or $3 to make for the week? Either way, it's probably cheaper than a meal at a cafe. I enjoy sitting down to a relaxing meal at a restaurant but until I win the lottery, I'll be the cook, waiter and patron at my own one-man eatery.

  3. The carrot soup sounds yummy! Your mum makes some of the most delicious noms.
    Our mum likes to eat the same meals everyday because she says it really reduces the food craves. A lot!
    Lovely 12-12-12: a day of good luck and romance!

  4. I don't know about the same thing every day. I might throw in a sandwich inbetween.

    Merry Holidays !!!

    JC and The Purr and Fur Gang

  5. poppy mor yur mum saves on HER mor her haz ta spend on EWE !!!! itz a win win :)

  6. My human loves carrot soup and thinks your human has made a wise choice for her lunches!

  7. Oh, yes. Soup is a very thrifty lunch option. The lady makes soup in her crock pot and freezes some. She usually makes lentil soup which is nice and thick and comforting. Then she makes a slice of Parmesan toast to "dip" in the soup. She also likes to make chicken noodle soup.

    Me, I like a bit of Fancy Feast plus my kibble.

  8. Our Mom made beef and vegetable soup last night. They will eat on for a couple of days cause you can not make a small pot of soup!

  9. Sounds yummy and your mum is so right to make her own as not only thrifty but tastier too.. Hugs GJ xx

  10. The Humans love soup - we prefer ham any day.

    Cliff, Olivia and Georgie