Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Thriftiness

Scuse the old photo.  We did not need the heater on today - it was finally very warm and felt like summer.  Mum is busy cooking some chicken for dinner, and our suburb is kind of safe, so the front door and back door and windows are wide open, letting the little breeze in the house.  Yes - we know that living in NZ is like living in the 1950s.

Mum tossed up what she should do after work - come home and sit in the sun and read her book, or go and look at some local shops.  She has been a bit poor before Christmas, but was glad that she went to the shops, as two local clothes shops had 50% off ladies clothes.  Now clothes in NZ are generally very expensive, and mum shops usually at the cheaper end of shops and buys second hand as well.  She was lucky to pick up three pairs of pants for $20 each (about $15 US) and a couple of cheap tshirts.  She was glad to get the pants, as she only had a couple of pairs left to wear, and one is beginning to get holes and are ready for the bin.

We guess that it has been a tough time for retailers lately and they are having lots of pre Christmas sales.  Mum has to get her hair done on Saturday and will get a couple of things on Saturday morning, but will try and avoid the shops til after the crazy season is over.


  1. Okay. So the picture storage thing. Miss Bee had the same message from google and I left here this comment:

    If I understand it correctly - and I may not - google's storage is based upon your email... not the blog. So set up a new email, invite that email to your blog. Sign in as the new email, accept. Carry on.

    Do NOT pay monthly! It's $5 a year for 20GB or $2.49 a month for 25GB. Dur.

    Of course I upload a ton of large photos and mine is still free so I think I'm right.

    She tried it and it works. Just set up a new email address, invite that email to author on your blog. Have the new email accept the invitation and you're good to go.

    I figured this out accidentally because I change my email a lot, especially when I start getting lots of spam email. It occurred to me that I upload lots of large photos and then I also noticed that when I deleted the Gs email that got hacked all of my photos associated with that email were gone.

    Most of my clothes are getting too big. YAY. But I'm not buying any new clothes yet as I still have lots more to lose and these will do for now.

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  2. It is good that your Mom got an early present for herself, heehee
    Mom says the stores are a bit crazy here too.
    Enjoy your sunbeams .
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  3. I am glad you are finally getting summer, Poppy! It is about time. Even if my human had lots of money, she wouldn't want to go shopping at this time of year - the shopping centers are too crowded here in Los Angeles!

  4. We don't blame the Mom for staying home til after the holiday. It's crazy out there! Have a great weekend, Poppy. xoxoxo

  5. Mom and Dad went to the shops yesterday and got all of their presents bought. Now Mom has to wrap them, mail the Secret paws package, finish the cards and finish sewing presents! Good thing she no longer works!

  6. Glad you got some sunshine.

    Finding bargains is a great thing.
    It is especially fun to browse thrift shops and find something wonderful for very little money!

  7. KNOT CHICKN poppy Q

    say it iznt sew....knot stooooooooooooopid burd chcikn

    n yur mom bee smart N waitin til after Christmas iz over ta purrchase sum mor goods coz peepuls will be wantin ta mewve inventorree sew her can catch a better price !!

  8. the Momma doesn't like shopping at Christmas time, so she volunteered to help Tipp's former home UN-Cats at the PetSmart the next two Saturdays. Why does our momma bonk her head on the wall and ask "what was I thinking???"
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp

  9. Glad you are getting some summer weather at last Poppy. It missed us completely this year. We are having to put up some old photos, but that is because our weather is so bad that mum hasn't been able to take any new ones and has run out.