Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Back Door

This is an older photo of before the backgarden was groomed a bit, but it shows you the steps I go up to get onto the little deck.  I then have my cat door directly into the living room.  Our house is very little, so mum hears me come in and out.  As well as giving me some freedom, she feels at least is there were a fire or something happen at home, I could run out.  As I am scared of strangers, I usually run out the door, and under the stairs, under the house.

Hope you all have a hidey hole to feel safe in too.

Mum worked late tonight, so I only got my feast at late o'clock.  It was windy and wet as she came home, so she says it feels homely to come inside and find me napping on her bed.  So after a chat and a snuggle it is off to bed for us.

Night night.


  1. Yes! I have a hiddy~hole Poppy!x
    Under the stairs, when George was still with me, on November the 5th....
    Bonfire night...As soon as the first fireworks went off! It was a race between me and him, on who got under the stairs first...HeHe!
    I hate fireworks...Should be band!

  2. Gracie is the absolute best hider and finder of hidey holes. And she can do it for far too long, too.

    Hope you ladies had a lovely chat!

  3. I like under the rosebushes, myself.

  4. happee wednesday two ewe poppy q and yur new garden will come a long in time...next spring it shuld be way awesum......

    we all haz places ta hide but dai$y is de master at thiz...ther haz still been times when NOE ONE could find her....

  5. Sasha has such a good hidey spot, none of the beans can find him, MOL

    Enjoy your cuddles with mum, Poppy!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. Hello,

    Long time no see ! This must be your new home :)
    I love your new back yard. Lots of space. And I love your mom's garden bed !
    Have a lovely day, Miss Poppy
    Miss you

  7. We have some championship hiders in our family, Poppy. And some of us can manage to hide in plain sight and ignore mum frantically calling our
    names. Fire or natural disaster
    scares our mum too. We have a
    sticker that says " Fire/Police" "Save
    my _ cats"( one fills in the number)
    on every side of the house that has a
    door or window. We got them at our pet shop.

  8. We are glad you have a safe place! We like your back garden better now!

  9. Glad you have a safe place. The weather here has turned wet and windy. I hope it stays like that so very offer the heat. Time for comforters and cuddles xx