Sunday, February 22, 2015


Hi folks, sorry we were missing on Caturday, but mum was out with the family.  You see our beautiful niece Miss Belle - is all grown up now, and come to start at university in our city.  So big uncle and sister in law bought her down with all of her stuff.  They were having a lovely weekend, eating out and relaxing.  Me - not so much as between painters and visitors, I have been out under the deck or hiding in the neighbours garden all weekend.

So last night, everybody had lights out at midnight and were asleep when we heard big uncles car alarm go off at 5am.  Everybody ran down the 45 steps in front of the house, but the passenger front and back windows had been smashed in and poor Miss Belle, as her suitcase and linen had all been taken from the boot of the car, so she was pretty distraught.

Our police were good - as they arrived within 15 minutes, but there was little they could do except take the details.  Even the police van with dogs came out and had a look around, but the offenders had taken off.  Miss Belle then posted on the facebook and said if anyone found anything to let her know.

At 09:30am a nice lady rang from two suburbs away to say that she had been out running, and found some stuff, so we bought some chocolates and a lotto ticket and went to her house, and most of it was still there, so miss Belle got back her clothes, photos and toiletries, although her pens and bedding and linen were taken.

So we got to have a fun day driving around without windows as they had to be ordered in.  We restocked all the things Miss Belle needed and then got her to Uni on time and she looked happy.  Big uncle and sister in law went home two days early to sort out the car, and after a bit of enticement I am back in the house with mum.

So hopefully the family will all sleep well.  Mum has tomorrow off to help Miss Belle get the final things she needs for her hostel, and things will settle down again.


  1. Oh! Goodness me Poppy!x
    What terrible things to happen, how awful...!
    Lets hope the police catch them and....Better not
    say any more...Be a bit rude! Horrid people!
    Hopefully it will be all settled soon! Bless!

  2. Poor Miss Belle what a way to start life in Wellington. I do hope she enjoys uni life. Maybe you might get a trip out to kikki k in the hutt for some new pens.

  3. Poppy, dear, your facial expression says it all: "Let's hope those thugs catch fleas in places they can't reach!"

  4. Oh that was a lot of drama.
    We send purrs to Miss Belle as that is a rough start to her new adventure.
    We purr the rest of her year will be enjoyable.
    Glad you have a quiet home again Poppy :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. Bastards!
    Not a great introduction to your beautiful city for young Belle, but hopefully that is all the bad luck out of the way already. Good luck to her in her studies.

  6. Oh dear, what a lot of excitement to start Belle`s university experience. Glad to hear some of her items were returned and everything else was reasonably easily remedied.

    Have a great week Poppy and mum!

  7. How awful that happened. :-( I'm glad most of Miss Belle's things were recovered, but it's still a horrible experience.

  8. That is an awful experience for Miss Belle. I am glad she got some of her stuff back and hope everything goes well for her from now on.

  9. Such unfortunate drama for everyone this weekend. We feel sorry for Miss Belle & her parents having to experience all this unnecessary drama & expense while they were visiting you. Where we live these kinds of thefts have become so commonplace that there are stories on every nightly news. The latest trend is for thieves to follow delivery trucks on their routes. Since many homeowners have video cameras on the outside of their homes many criminals are caught on tape as they hop out of their car, snatch the box & then drive to the next victim. Because of the tapes many of these people have been arrested. Most look like young soccer moms or average young couple. They are not too bright because the cameras are easily spotted & they don't try to disguise themsef and their cars license plate can be easily seen. Most of what they steal cannot be pawned or resold. We know this was upsetting to have happen while family was your house guests & Miss Belle was already feeling the stress of starting life at university, but it was fortunate that she found her clothing & only linens had to be replaced. Just lots of aggravation & expensive for her parents. We hope everyone's nerves are settling down.

    Poppy, how distressing to have your apartment box shut down. Perhaps mom will reconstruct it for your soon. This house painting is taking forever & we hate that you have to hide in the neighbors garden or under the bed. Did the landlord fix you TV antennna? Hopefully, it cannot last much longer. Fall will arrive soon & the painters will be nothing but a distant memory. Will you be watching Downton Abby with mom tonight? We will be watching Walking Dead tonight. Mom is planning a Downton Abby marathon this summer with Netflix when there is nothing to watch on TV. I am looking forward to seeing it. Zombies growling noises frighten me a bit, so I just squinch my eyes closed & clutch mom's soft robe for comfort. Downton Abby doesn't have scarey zombies does it Poppy? Enjoy what is left of your Sunday.

  10. Yikes. NOT the sort of excitement anybody wants to start off a big move! Thank goodness Miss Belle at least got her clothes nice of the jogger to call. At least SOME good folks are left!

  11. Poor Miss Belle! And her poor parents, having the car broken into and all her things taken! Who would do such a nasty, mean thing? it is nice, though, that Miss Belle has her caring aunt nearby to help her out while she makes her way through university. And Poppy we hope you get used to Miss Belle being a visitor! Meow from Jessica

  12. Well, the bad has happened and is now out of the way before the term starts. Only good from now on.
    Do you get on with Miss Belle ? It might be very nice to have a bean friend.

  13. Oh boy, that's pretty awful actually. Poppy, maybe you are more mellow than I, but 15 minutes for the police to arrive is ridiculous! The offenders have LONG since left and may never be found. Well since nobody got hurt they thought they could take their time...
    Happy that Miss Belle got most of her things back. Can only get better from here.

  14. Poppy, what a terrible thing to have happened. We're glad that Miss Belle got most of her things back, and hope she doesn't experience anything like this again. We also hope the replacement of the car windows will be taken care of by insurance!

    Purrs and peace,
    Nicki and Derry