Monday, February 9, 2015


Monday has rolled around again, and there is certainly an autumn chill in the air, which is a shame as it is only February, and we were just enjoying our summer.  Hopefully this Southerly blast will blow over quickly, and as  you can see by our backyard we are in the need of some rain.  Certainly the farmers need it, so we must not complain.

Mum is a bit annoyed, as either the weather has interfered with our television, making it hard to view, or the painters when they were on the roof have moved it round.  So it will have to cost mum to get the man to come out with his special machine so he can take proper readings.  Of course mum will have to ring the landlord to sort it out, but she may have to wait for a sunny day just to be sure.

She was proud of herself as she made a big chicken and vegetable stirfry tonight with rice, so has enough for the next two days dinners made and plenty of feasts available for me.  So tomorrow night she does not have to rush home via the supermarket, but can come home and relax.

Hope you are all relaxing tonight too!!


  1. Do you know Poppy!x All this new, so called,
    new technology, with TV's and things seem s
    to make things worse. When l got my new 'Plasma'
    telly for the bed room, l had trouble with the picture
    and sound, had a mind of it's own. After all this time,
    still have problems with it...
    HeHe! Tell Mum to give it a good wack with the hammer! :).

  2. I thought it sounded like fall might be coming early to you!

  3. It's too early for you to have autumn already Poppy. I hope it soon warms up again.

  4. Poppy, dear, it's a wonderful feeling to know "supper's made" when one heads home with aching bones. Here in the Midwest we make pots of chili, which are improved by sitting in the 'fridge for a day or two. My feline family helps me cook by tasting the meat to ensure I don't add too much salt.

  5. I would be more than happy to donate our snow to make it wetter there. Now if I could just figure out a way to make that happen....

  6. Fuzzy television is a bother, all right. It probably was the painters. It's likely not a coincidence that they were there recently.

  7. We would take your autumn over our yucky winter any day!

  8. poppy q...we will due R utmost best ta ignore what yur mum made for dinnerz N say we hope ya get sum much kneaded rain N we had ta smile at yur febraury commint coz itz brisk heer two !!! tho we did haza heet wave yesterday oh 44 !! ♥♥♥

  9. We hope the summer weather returns so you and your mum can enjoys some lovely outside days. Very cold and snowy here. Hope the TV gets sorted. Most likely knocked around by the painters. Mum has a big pot of spaghetti sauce made. From Jessica

  10. We hopes the weather improves - it is still winter here so it can't be autumn there yet!

    Enjoy your relaxing time with mom!

    Sasha. Sami & Saku

  11. Mum says if the painters messed your antenna they should pay to get it fixed.

  12. Oh no not the ole Autumn wind rollin' in! Hopefully it'll warm up right quick. We are in the deep of Winter so you are not ready yet! Good planning on your Mum's part for the food. I think I will tell her to do the same here.