Sunday, February 15, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness

Mum went to the supermarket last evening after her day out, like  a lot of other spinster ladies on Valentines day.  Just to make sure she looked single and crazy she not only doubled up on buying the catfood, but bought a mop that she would have to drag home with her.

The supermarkets here are all crazy with their free offers, most of which are aimed at the kid market, mini toys, stickers or vouchers.  They all drive mum a bit bonkers, cos she says that she has to pay for all this rubbish, and in the end she doesn't want vouchers for overpriced cutlery, Jamie Oliver plates or other tat that she doesn't need.

This months offer though is some sound cards that the kids collect.  So mum always says yes to getting some at the counter, but as she leaves she sees if she can see some kids around to give them too.  Last night two little girls were walking in with their granny, and mum gave Granny the four free cards she had.  The oldest of the girls ran up to mum to thank her so nicely it made mum smile.

Oh and mum did more nice things today.  A little old lady was walking past while mum was waiting for the bus home last night.  So she sat and had a rest and talked with mum.  Mum helped to repack her bags so it was easier for her to carry and not bruise her tomatoes.  Earlier in the day she helped a couple of elderly tourists find a local hot spot, and walked them to where they needed to go, and when out at the movie she treated her bestie to an ice cream and some lollies (sweets/candy)  as a Valentines treat.

So no big gestures here, but all the little nice things for other people make it a better place.

Have you done anything nice lately?


  1. Your Mom sounds like a pawsome purrson.
    Give her some extra cuddles from us :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Ah! God bless Mum Poppy!x
    Not only that...But she has the most wonderful you,
    to watch over her...Even from your favourite box!x

  3. I think this is the true spirit of Valentine's Day!

  4. Your mum is a lovely person Poppy. All the little things add up to make the day nicer for others.

  5. What a sweet mum you have! There should be more people in the world like her.

  6. What a wonderful day Poppy! Being kind always makes us feel good!

  7. That was furry nice for your mum. We all need to be generous, maybe some day we may need the helping hand.

  8. You know the old saying "it's better to give, than receive" . Your mom was very generous. How lovely for those who received her extra bit of "love",

  9. Your mum is very thoughtful, Poppy. I hope you rewarded her with some extra purrs. Meow from Jessica

  10. Those were good things to do, Poppy. With limited resources, I try to support cat-rescues, some of them here in the Blogosphere, such as Feral Cat Behaviour. But even without spending money one doesn't have, one can do good, as your mum showed.