Saturday, August 27, 2016

Caturday Catch Up

Well Caturday is almost over in the house of Q.  Mum is helping me post, then she will wipe off her makeup and brush her teeth and head to bed.  I have already tottered off to my spot on her bed so i hope she doesn't disturb me.

Mum got herself up early and went out for a walk and then caught up with two of her besties.  They had lunch at a cafe and did a wander round some shops including a South African shop specializing in all kinds of imported food and cheese, amazing what you can find.  Mum popped into the candle shop where a nice lady sells all kind of candles which are mostly made in NZ which is good, as mum does like to support local businesses when she can.

The afternoon was spent relaxing at home.  Only a couple of jobs got done, and then mum felt the need to read her book  /nap and so us girls had a snooze.  Then it was time for her to get up as I felt the need for feast, so I meowed at her every minute until she got up and got me my dinner.

It was a big day in the city today as our team the All Blacks were playing Australia at rugby, and even though the All Blacks have won the last 41 matches they have played in NZ, we still never underestimate Australia - they are a formidable foe.  So mum and another couple of besties met up for dinner and drinks at a pub in town and watched the game on the big screen.  Luckily NZ won, and the girls quickly left town once the game was over so that all the youngsters could take over.  Time for all the oldies to head home.

So mum went via the supermarket to buy some stuff for dinner tomorrow night and supplies for the rest of the week.  She also felt like a little bit of supper, so bought some crumpets to have with butter and golden syrup and I even licked up a little bit.

So that was our busy Caturday with lots of fun - how about you - are you doing anything fun for your weekend?


  1. Poppy, dear, it's great fun to cheer on the home team at the pub, especially if they win! My own weekend plans focus on naps and house-cleaning. And by house-cleaning, I include brushing cat fur off the carpet with a giant brush I inherited from my late parents: vacuum cleaners can't cope.

  2. We have a Bank Holiday weekend over here Poppy!x
    And there's a BIG Steam Fair..biggest in the UK,
    just up the road from me. There's a big fun fair,
    different vintage and food stalls..and of course
    Steam's a five day event, finishes
    tomorrow..Sunday! I'm giving it a miss this year.
    Leaving the car at home for the weekend...Invited
    to a Barby tomorrow, l expect l shall finish up
    doing the cooking..still, l do enjoy it! :).

    As for the rugby..well, the All Blacks..are the best
    team on the watching them!

  3. Mom Paula drove around looking at new houses today...

  4. Hanging out with mum, napping and reading!