Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The sunbeams have definately moved over now, and it sure feels like spring.   We now get sun streaming through the living room doors which makes the little house feel lighter and brighter.  We are lucky as our weather is mild and winter has really only lasted about 3 months, although some years it is still cold and chilly throughout September and October.  So as we reach the end of August it was a warm 15 deg here today and now at close to midnight it is 9 deg.

Mum worked the late shift, so I got a late dinner.  She got embarrassed at the supermarket on the way home as she grabbed a load of groceries, put it through the self service till and then found that she didn't have her wallet.  Luckily she was able to put a couple of things back and scraped up enough notes and coins from her pockets and bottom of her bag and was able to  pay.  Pheww !!!


  1. Poppy, dear, it's awful to realize one's wallet isn't where it should be! Good to know it was simply not in place rather than actually lost.

  2. At least Mum had enough for feast Poppy!x

    Nice hot sunny day over here Poppy!x
    The weather man says it'll be nice for the
    rest of the week, l do enjoy my brekkie,
    lunch and dinner out on the patio...Flossy,
    pops round for a chat and a saucer of milk,
    then rolls over and sleeps!!! Typical!x

  3. That is always mum's worry, that she goes shopping and then doesn't have the way to pay for it. Thankfully a she amembers and has her money with her.

  4. That would indeed have been embarrassing. I usually check my pockets before I leave my home, but with my memory, that's no guarantee I won't embarrass myself similarly.

  5. Well, we are glad Mum was able to get some of the things you needed, even without her purse. Enjoy those sunbeams (and the Spring-y weather), Poppy!

  6. poppy...de food serviss gurlz had sum oh thoz moe mintz two ~~~~~~ mor than her shuld tell.... happee all most spring...we R all most reddy for fall !! YAY !! ♥♥♥