Thursday, August 18, 2016

Try Something New Thursday - Meatballs with Yoghurt Dressing by Chelsea Winter

So mum thought that this Thursday she would try something new - by using this Meatball with Yoghurt Dressing Recipe by New Zealand chef Chelsea Winter.  If you click on the link it will take you to the recipe.    This is her photo, mums did not look quite as pretty and she didn't make any flatbreads or salad, just meatballs with yoghurt dressing and some rice.  It is made with Middle Eastern flavours, and she would not usually use mint/ginger/allspice or ginger, but it all added to the flavours.    She must admit it was pretty yummy

She  did end up speaking on the phone for a while and not starting dinner til 8.30pm and it took her about 30 minutes to chop and mix and then the meatballs had to be in the fridge for a half hour, so she would recommend it as a weekend meal.  Mix up the meatballs on a Saturday afternoon, put them in the fridge overnight and cook up on the Sunday.  If you make it she would recommend that you have a small chopper/food processor.  She has one that is part hand held stick blender and it made chopping up the fresh breadcrumbs, the onion, and the chopped herbs much quicker and more professional than hand chopping.  Otherwise no other gadgets are necessary.

She was glad to try a new recipe and will certainly make it again..  A worthy 8/10.


  1. ooooO! I love meatballs Poppy!x
    What time can we come round...!!! :0).

    You can do so much with them. Polpette as we call
    them in Sicily...My favourite is take the meatballs
    already made with your favourite ingredients..Brown
    them off in a pan, then pour a tin of chopped tomato's
    over them, top up with water if need be, sprinkle in
    meat/chix stock cube, dried/fresh herbs if you wish,
    simmer for 30/40 minutes! Enjoy with rice or mash!

  2. Poppy, dear, please tell your mum I'll definitely give this recipe a try! Easy, delicious meals for a single are worth the effort!

  3. It certainly looks yummy in the photo! Good for your mum for trying something new.

    Our biped isn't going to cook anything that has more than oh, five or so ingredients, including spices. LOL. But hey, she does have a few more super-simple crock pot recipes to try soon! :-)

    Purrs and peace.

  4. I'm pleased that the result justified all the work. And I wouldn't worry about how it looks, if I were your mum; even professional chefs sometimes have their food arranged by photographers for the maximum effect. And I know about weekend meals versus weekday meals. Some days you just don't have the time.

  5. Wow, those look delicious! I've already copied the recipe and I have everything on hand but the ground beef. I think I'll make a batch and freeze them. Thanks Poppy!!

  6. Oh yum, those look sooo good. Mom bean is definitely going to check out the recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Just printed off your recommended recipe so my cooking husband can give it a go!! Happy weekend to you two in Wellington.