Thursday, August 25, 2016

Try Something New Thursday - VitaGummies

So you know that the other night the mumster went to the supermarket and forgot her wallet, but didn't realize til she was at the counter.  How embarrassing.  One of the things she put back was some of these multi vitamins.  So when she found her wallet today, she went and bought them.

They advertise that they are lemon, raspberry and strawberry flavor, but mmmmm mum is not so sure.  They sure smelled strange, and when she ate one she didn't really like the flavor.She also wondered if she could smell something strange all day, and this was the only thing she did that was different in her routine.  Still she might stick with them for a few more days before she gives up.  She has had a tough few weeks and is feeling a bit run down, so is trying to do some things to make herself feel a bit better, and her diet hasn't been the best.  She is trying to eat more fruit and veg, and as the weather gets better and warmer she knows she will buy more and more.

Have you tried them?  What did you think?


  1. Might be an idea Poppy!x If Mum, swallowed
    them whole, rather than chew them, or find
    some different ones that are actually tablets!
    The tastes/odour of these chewy things, tend
    to stick to teeth and gums, even after cleaning!
    Over here, these type of things have been proved
    to be a bit of a con..vitamins etc. off the shelf,
    have shown, that they have 'NO' benefit at all.

    Better still...Tell Mum to pop along and have a
    word with her Doc..He'll give her the right tablets,
    perhaps, the pick me up will cost her nothing!
    And, make her feel right as rain...!
    Dr Willie...! :).

  2. The biped here. Okay, we have ads on our TV for gummy adult vitamins, and in truth it boggles my mind...We're not 6 years old, just take a regular pill, d*mmit. LOL. But I suppose some people have difficulty (gagging) trying to swallow pills, so I can see this might be a better solution for them. Anyway, no, I have not tried any variety of gummy multi-vitamin, I take regular vitamins and have done all my life (grew up taking them, so it became routine). Have you been for any blood tests lately? You just want to make sure your thyroid, iron and B12 levels are okay...but you know this already! :-)

    Take care!

  3. Poppy, dear, my people vet(s) told me to get 7 hours sleep, drink water not soda (not even diet soda), take a B-vitamin gel (extra B-12) and a really good fish-oil capsule twice daily. Like your mum, I get plenty of exercise working and walking -- but sometimes I also do too much working and walking, and worrying.

  4. I've never heard of these, Poppy. I do take vitamins, though. I take vitamin c, vitamin B complex and vitamin d, as well as a fish-oil capsule; one each every day. I don't know if I need them, but they probably aren't doing me harm, and I'm in better shape now than I was years ago, though this is due to bicycling every day, too. (I don't have a car). I figure if I feel decent, I won't change what I am taking in the way of vitamins. I'd recommend to your mum some supplements: just pills, vitamins b and d. And I'd probably stick to the pills.

  5. poppy Q....tell mum ta stix ta ore din narry de kind ya wood take with food servizz gurl sayz noe vitamin tastez good noe matter how they make em un lezz itz vitamin C...N with her crazed werk roo teen her mite wanna go ahead N give it a try with theeze recommedayshunz a bove ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  6. Mum takes a vitamin, but it is just a regular pill.