Tuesday, August 16, 2016


After a wintery week last week, the past couple of days have felt more spring like with blue skies and sunshine, spring blossoms and happy birds.  I have also ventured outside to soak in a few of the rays.

Hope you have some sunshine where you live too.


  1. Hottest day of the week, to~day Poppy!x
    So the silly weather man says..HeHe! What
    does he know! Look out the window, that's
    the best way...!

    Looks lovely where you are, soaking up a bit
    of sunshine to!

  2. Actually, today is a rainy day and we're so, so thankful! We've been in a level 3 (severe) drought for some time and we think we'll end up losing a lot of trees in the city and region. So we'll take more rain, please, and you can have the sunshine right now, Poppy.

  3. Spring-like days and still five weeks until the equinox! New Zealand does have a mild climate, eh, Poppy?

  4. I hope you have lots more nice days ahead before winter really starts kicking in!

  5. We have had rain here. . . but I'm told there are sunbeams in the forecast later this week!

  6. poppy Q...trust uz on thiz one, therz noe such thing aza happee burd...ther act shunz ta make ya THINK they iz happee....R all a rooze ☺☺☺♥♥♥